The Loop is Australia’s largest creative network, helping people and companies hire, inspire, collaborate, network and discover endless professional opportunities - and it will soon be expanding to the UK, US… and beyond! Digital Communications studio The Explainers worked with 12 animators, illustrators, cinematographers and photographers to create an explainer video that promotes and celebrates the talent and diversity on the Loop.

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The Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics brings together creative people from various branches of the industry: design, illustration, visual communications, comics and architecture, with the goal to promote and establish young designers and design in general outside the market system.

These exhibitions have been organized by design collective Turbosutra / Turbo Tomorrow since 2009, with the idea to establish a new concept in communication between the artists and their audience – and enable widely accessible and cheap artwork for all! The art works are reproduced on A4 Fabriano office paper, and printed on-the-spot using standard LaserJet printers – for only 1 Euro!

During the previous four exhibitions, more than 300 works of art from both well-known designers and emerging talents were presented in Belgrade, Amsterdam, and Berlin. The fifth and final Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics was a two day event, starting with a grand opening on Monday, 10th of June 2013, and ending on the 11th of June with an even grander closing! Big thanks to Milica for the photos!



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